Savage Software Corporation

We are an independent software company which creates simple, friendly, and effective software solutions.

Our Websites

Websites We Run

Creating easy-to-use aggregator websites is our specialty. Feel free to browse the websites listed below is the worlds largest textbook aggregator on the net. With over 10 million books from over 36 vendors including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and AbeBooks. BookSavages makes buying, renting or selling back easier and faster than ever before. is the net's largest, fastest, and versitile ticket aggregate website. TicketSavages easily searches over 1 million events to find the lowest price on tickets available. No more scrolling through countless different websites. All the right info all in one site. is the largest car part aggregator featuring 15 million auto & truck parts with a database over 250 GB. We are the only auto & truck part aggregator on the web. Search and pick the best possible price for your quality auto part today.

NutritionSavages is currently a work in progress. We are aggregating all nutritonal supplements and vitamin data to present a clean and userfriendly interface for our workout junky audience. Follow the links below to look at the current status!